Stunning Wedding/Event Photography!


A Beautiful Memory Photography captures—forever—each romantic kiss, every passionate embrace, every tender glance. Two award-winning photographers record every glorious detail of your perfect wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah or special party. Priceless photos allow you to relive the love and happiness between family and friends. Photos that bring a smile and perhaps a tear as you revisit your photo album for years to come.

Photos that are powerful, engaging and always fun! And a time capsule. After the guests leave, the last bite of cake consumed, the dress put away, what is left? Only your memories brought to life by photography from Beautiful Memory Photography.

A Beautiful Memory Photography offers the most comprehensive photography service to capture you at your most beautiful. The story begins with your engagement and a ring. From the day you say “yes” we document events. For their engagement photos, couples in Washington, DC spend a day or two touring the city and posing with the most recognizable monuments in the world. Monuments to your lasting love.

b-day-party.jpgPhotography album layout with flowersPhotography album layout.  Bride making funny facesWedding album layout, Wedding cakebar-and-rabbi.jpgWedding album layout, beauty shot of Bride.Wedding album layout, table settingsWedding album layout, bride with ministerbar-par-rabbi.jpgbar-torrah.jpgbook-linda-lilianebar-with-tina-3blbed81dsc_0054.jpgWedding details, getting readyBride in poofy wedding dressbook-linda-liliane-2-copybooklauralee4copyb-day-party2christine-and-dennis-2christine-and-denniscouple-1-holding-nikidsc_0014.jpgdsc_0053_0002-copy.jpgdsc_0056dsc_0066_0003.jpgdsc_0102.jpgdsc_0107.jpgdsc_0116.jpgdsc_0121dsc_0126dsc_0139dsc_0140dsc_0149dsc_0165.jpgdsc_0198dsc_0221dsc_0304.jpgdsc_0321-jpeg.jpgdsc_0150dsc_0404dsc_0536.jpgdsc_0585.jpgfather-with-3-kids.jpgfrench-fries.jpgjohn-and-julie178girl-cotton-cangirls.jpghelena-and-john-2helena-and-john-3john-and-julie164helena-and-johnjohn-and-julie165victoria-and-thomasjohn-and-julie180john-and-julie273julia-and-stuart-10julia-and-stuart-11julia-and-stuart-2julia-and-stuart-3julia-and-stuart-4helena-and-john-4julia-and-stuart-5julia-and-stuart-6pool-9.jpgjulia-and-stuart-7julia-and-stuart-8kids-w-dad-outside-tilt.jpgjulia-and-stuart-9john-and-julie182julia-and-stuartkids-torrah-3.jpglollipop.jpgmiriam-and-andrew-2miriam-and-andrewreprint-carl-sit-couple-1reprint-engagement-couple-1reprint-garter-couple-1reprint-niki-carl-eyes-couple-1victoria-and-thomas-2victoria-and-thomas-3reprint-front-page-couple-1

The rehearsal dinner offers an opportunity to photograph wedding attendees in a relaxed setting full of fun and laughter. We capture attendees sharing a meal and merriment. We photograph friends and family who might have not seen each other in years or perhaps ever.

The day of the wedding, we begin with boudoir photography of the bride and her maids as they have their makeup applied and begin to dress. Lovely, tasteful photos in lingerie and silk stockings are accentuated with soft, dramatic lighting and interesting angles. Your rings and accessories also are photographed, as well as invitations, flowers, etc. Then both photographers move freely about the wedding venue capturing the stunning architectural details, and follow the couple through the nuptials.

Just prior to the wedding reception, the makeup artist touches up the bride and all members of her party including men. All parties may be moist now and glistening skin reads “greasy” in the camera. With refreshed makeup, photographs focus on the head table, every delightful moment of the bride and groom, the toast, the cake cutting and dancing. All the happiness and harmony of a couple just beginning their lives together.

To round out the photo coverage, after the event, the bride and groom don their wedding attire again, recreate the wedding bouquet and arrive up at our studio for a studio shoot. And with controlled lighting and lovely makeup, we take glamorous head shots and fun couple shots.

All photographs are masterfully retouched, a process that takes several weeks. Chipped, discolored teeth are repaired, lines softened, under-eye circles removed. And our unusual camera angles provide interest and demand engagement.

A Beautiful Memory Photography gives each bride what she deserves; gorgeous memories recorded from her beautiful wedding day.