Wedding Photography

Your wedding day is over, the dress packed away, and the guests have gone; your wedding photography from A Beautiful Memory Photography preserve your memories for a lifetime.

Two award-winning photographers from A Beautiful Memory record every detail, every precious detail of your special day. Two different photographers, two different perspectives assure your photos are dramatic and inspiring. And, we always deliver more than we promise! We want you to be 1,000% satisfied. One important point: we know how to relax your guests in front of the camera and make each person feel special.

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The photography experience begins with A Beautiful Memory Photography capturing engagement photos with beautiful monuments around the Nation’s Capitol. Next we cover the rehearsal dinner as guest share a meal and merriment. The day of the wedding, we begin with tasteful boudoir photography as you dress. Lovely, glamorous photos in delicate lingerie and stocking are accentuated with dramatic lighting and interesting angles.

Both photographers now cover every nuance of your nuptials and the beautiful architecture surrounding the ceremony. The wedding last but a few moments but the photographs last a lifetime. And bring endless joy as your relive those unforgettable events.

The event and the photography continue at the reception and dinner focusing on the head table and every delightful moment the couple shares: the cocktail reception, the dinner, the toast, the cake cutting and the dancing.

Don’t wait to book your photographer. Book early to make certain both photographers are available at a Beautiful Memory Wedding Photography. Preserve those precious moments in photographs that capture the most beautiful you. The most radiant you. After the wedding, work with the photographers to help you pick out the photos for your prized album. Once your images are chosen, we color correct each photo and design lovely page layouts to enhance the images. And produce a beautiful table-top album you will proudly show for years to come.

You will always be pleased that you chose us, every time you open your wedding album.

Should we hold the date for you? Please call for an appointment, 202.333.3560.