Event and Party Photography

Event and party photography from A Beautiful Memory Photography captures the essence and detail of your special event. Two award-winning photographers meet with you and study the plan for your party. And together decide on your photographic coverage.

A photograph is your lasting memory and records your successful business event, convention or party including; fund-raising, political, holiday, costume, engagement, birthday, housewarming, farewell, new job, promotion, retirement, children’s birthday or graduation.

Two photographers offer their talents as artists and approach each single image for its ability to tell a story. The ability to bring a smile or tears. The ability to relive in vivid detail the unforgettable moments of your successful event. Our event and party photographers employ aesthetic principles of beauty and appeal to evoke emotions and record the event forever.

Accomplished event and party photographers from A Beautiful Memory Photography exhibits the skills of a designer using composition, color, balance, cropping and the ability to show ideas and thoughts in images. And take the viewer into a magical world. Photographers record the architectural details of the venue, create arrangements of the food and drink, and design powerful layouts of groups of people relaying the joy and merriment of the guests.

Talented event and party photographers from A Beautiful Memory Photography offer enthusiasm, spirit, and passion for their subjects. And employ their design ability to instantly compose a photo in the camera. Photographers show an ability to develop concepts and communicate those concepts to their clients and subjects. And incorporate client feedback.

All photographs are masterfully retouched, a process that often takes several weeks. Chipped, discolored teeth are repaired, lines softened, under-eye circles removed. Unwanted elements are removed and the photos are sized for maximum effect.

Photographs by A Beautiful Memory Photography artistically record your event that you and your friends and family will revist throughout the years. Your beautiful, well-designed photos may be displayed in a leather-bound album perfect as a table-top book. Call us today to book your next event, 202.333.3560.